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Who is Simon?

Simon Anemaet

I am Simon Anemaet, husband to Karine and father of four. I have a Dutch LVPW-certificate as a psychosocial therapist, and work with Selah Counseling. I work with adults (men and women), adolescents, and children. I also offer relationship therapy together with Karine, in the town of Groenlo, The Netherlands.

I completed my studies in psychosocial therapy at ‘De Roos Opleidingen’. Since 2015 I have practiced independently with Yonah Talent, a counseling service for gifted children. At this moment, I offer therapy in the towns of Barneveld, Apeldoorn and Groenlo, The Netherlands.

My identity is founded in Jesus Christ, as revealed by God in the Bible. This identity expresses itself in a Christian way of viewing human vulnerability, the integration of faith and therapy and if necessary, an integrated approach to therapy and pastoral care.

I experience the tensions, difficulties and burdens people carry. I see how God cares for them and see it as my calling to walk with them. In my personal life I have experienced deep suffering, among other things because of serious illness in the family. I want to walk with people in an attitude of vulnerability and openness to what they want to share. In this way I want to create a space for rest and reflection so people can start living again.

Simon offers professional care, has a heart for people and helps me to gain insight in my own thought and behavioural patterns.