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Logo - hoge resolutieSelah is a Hebrew word that is used multiple times in the Bible, in Genesis, the Psalms and the book of Habakkuk, and it has several meanings. One of them is ‘a break’, another one is ‘catch a breath’ or ‘praise God’. In the Psalms, the word Selah is seen as a marker of a break for the singers, for example at the end of a verse.

Selah Counseling wants to offer these breaks, a time to stand still and reflect on life as it is and to give yourself a chance to get closer to yourself and others. And a break to get closer to Home for those who have wandered for because of whatever happened to them.


The lighthouse in the logo points to the beacon of light we need in the storms of life. The song ‘My lighthouse’ by Rend Collective is about God who is our resting place in the stormy seas. In this way, we also hope to shine our light, as we can read in John 9 and Matthew 5.

Jesus: ‘I am the light of the world.’

~ John 9: 5

Jesus: ‘You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. In this way let your light shine before men.’
~ Matthew 5: 14 and 16a

Psychosocial care

Psychosocial care seeks to further your unique personal development. You can count on our professional and respectful support during your journey.

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Selah Counseling

Psychosocial therapy

The Netherlands

Help for men

Do you find it hard to ask for help? I am a man just like you, so I get that.

Relationship therapy, re-connecting

Are you disappointed in your relationship? Do you question the health of your relationship?


Are you under much pressure at work? Is the home situation tense? Do you have trouble sleeping?

Walks help

‘Not only talking, but getting into nature to relax your mind.’

Childhood Trauma

Has your child been through a traumatic situation?


Are you noticing that you are completely exhausted? Are you worrying a lot? Do you take much work home?

Illness and loss

Do you have chronic disease which limits your functioning? Are you mourning the loss of a close one?

Dolls and therapy

Are you a visual thinker? Do you find it difficult to express yourself in words?

The gifted

For many years I have been coaching children and young people that are particularly gifted.