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Are you disappointed in your relationship? Do you question the health of your relationship? Do you sometimes wonder ‘Is this it?’, or doubt you married the right person? Maybe you feel the distance and have regular conflicts.

In our experience, lurking under all the pain and conflicts there is often a real desire to feel connected to the other person. However, it can be difficult to discover that desire in yourself or the other person. In our therapy, we aim to help you with that.

Looking for a connection

In relationship therapy, we aim to help you to start looking again for ways to connect to the other person. To rediscover common ground where you can meet from heart to heart and feel safe. Where you can experience a deep connection once more and be yourself at the same time. To achieve that, it is important that you are both motivated to look at your own motives and behaviour, so you can work together to rebuild a healthy relationship.

Do you want to work at a relationship that flourishes and register for relationship therapy? You can use the contact form to get in touch with us. You can also find more information under the heading ‘Relationship therapy’.