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What is psychotherapy?

Are you looking for a therapist because you want some colour to return to your life? Or because you feel discouraged and don’t see a way forward?

Every person is unique and has their own strengths and weaknesses. As experienced therapists, we want to offer you the correct support in working towards your strengths and leaving difficulties behind.

We think it is important to assess what is really needed for a certain child, youngster, couple or family, and we do not want to be limited by certain diagnoses or protocols. It is your journey and we are there to respectfully support you.

What is it you need help with?

There are many reasons why people seek help. Sometimes there is a need for advice with short-term issues, but some things cannot be resolved easily.

The following are problems we particularly focus on in our practice:

  • Stress and anxiety in various degrees of severity
  • Relationship issues
  • Panic and anxiety disorders, with an element of social anxiety
  • Personal problems, such as low mood, lack of initiative, lack of energy, lack of ambitions and motivation
  • Depression in various degrees of severity
  • Addiction
  • Post-traumatic stress, for example after sexual assault, rape, a serious accident, or the loss of a loved one
  • Family issues, we offer therapy to different family members at the same time

You can also contact us when: 

  • You have questions about insecurity
  • You experience bullying or low mood
  • You need some support or just a listening ear
How we work

Telephone introduction 

First of all there is a free telephone introduction of 20 minutes.

Intake Session

After this there will be an intake session of about 90 minutes. During this session we will explore the issues and your expectations. If you seek help for your child, we can decide if it is helpful to do the intake together with you and the child.

Follow-up session

Once a basis of trust is established, therapy will start. We make a treatment plan, which can begin right away. Initially, there will be five sessions, after which there will be an evaluation and we will decide if more sessions would be helpful.

Psychosocial care

Psychosocial care seeks to further your unique personal development. You can count on our professional and respectful support during your journey.

More information

Fees and services

Because every person is unique, every therapy process is likewise unique. That means that fees will also be different for every person. The total cost will depend on the number of sessions.

  • Introduction (by telephone) free
  • Intake session 90 minutes
  • Follow-up sessions 60 minutes

More information

Help for men

Do you find it hard to ask for help? I am a man just like you, so I get that.

Relationship therapy, re-connecting

Are you disappointed in your relationship? Do you question the health of your relationship?


Are you under much pressure at work? Is the home situation tense? Do you have trouble sleeping?

Walks help

‘Not only talking, but getting into nature to relax your mind.’

Childhood Trauma

Has your child been through a traumatic situation?


Are you noticing that you are completely exhausted? Are you worrying a lot? Do you take much work home?

Illness and loss

Do you have chronic disease which limits your functioning? Are you mourning the loss of a close one?

Dolls and therapy

Are you a visual thinker? Do you find it difficult to express yourself in words?

The gifted

For many years I have been coaching children and young people that are particularly gifted.

Simon Anemaet

psychosocial therapist

Other options


Are you looking for a therapist because things don’t go well, or because you feel down and don’t know how to move forward?

Relationship therapy

Are you disappointed about your relationship? Have you lost your connection to each other? Are you getting into regular arguments?

Trauma therapy

Have you experienced something traumatic? Do you want to process it so you can move forward? Do you want to feel new life and energy?


Are you, or have you been, a missionary? Would you like the support of a therapist to process what you have been through?

More about our work

Would you like to get an idea of how we work and the issues that we offer therapy for? You can read more here.