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Prayer is the connection we can have with God. All our worries, needs and plans we can bring before Him in prayer. He can do things which we are not able to accomplish in our own strength. Prayer is powerful!

Walking with you and listening to you is what we call pastoral care. We can talk together, search with you for the way for you to go with God and pray with you. Through prayer God can work in your heart. God in communion with you and you in communion with God.

With our background in therapy, we see pastoral care slightly different from what you may be used to. We think it is essential in pastoral care to have therapeutic skills. We see this as foundational for giving good pastoral care. Aside from that, pastoral care centers around the gospel and the love of God through Jesus for humankind is the cornerstone. We want to be careful not to apply scripture in a dogmatic way in pastoral care. We see you in a wholistic way, and believe God has his own unique path for you to go.