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Pastoral care

Pastorale hulp

Selah Counseling can offer pastoral care in the context of a local church, a Christian conference or at a location of your choice. We are also available to speak about pastoral care, and therapy related topics, such as vulnerability, relationships, addiction, and identity. Karine can offer pastoral care to women and mothers.

What can we offer?

Life is a journey that goes over mountains and through valleys. Everyone has a road to walk. Sometimes the way is smooth: all is well and you enjoy beautiful views. But sometimes you notice that things are not going well for a while. You go through a valley, you stand at the crossroad, or you run into a wall. Or you notice that your load has become too heavy.

Then it can be helpful if someone walks with you for a bit. To help you gradually understand yourself better, to seek God’s way, to deal with circumstances, to think about life questions, to mourn losses and to dare to go new ways. With pastoral support we want to stand next to you and offer you a listening ear. We can search and pray together for the way that you can go with yourself and with God.

Power of Prayer

Power of Prayer

Prayer is the connection we can have with God. All our worries, needs and plans we can bring before Him in prayer. He can do things which we are not able to accomplish in our own strength. Prayer is powerful!

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Other options


Are you looking for a therapist because things don’t go well, or because you feel down and don’t know how to move forward?

Relationship therapy

Are you disappointed about your relationship? Have you lost your connection to each other? Are you getting into regular arguments?

Trauma therapy

Have you experienced something traumatic? Do you want to process it so you can move forward? Do you want to feel new life and energy?


Are you, or have you been, a missionary? Would you like the support of a therapist to process what you have been through?

More about our work

Would you like to get an idea of how we work and the issues that we offer therapy for? You can read more here.