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Who is Karine?

Karine Anemaet

I am Karine Anemaet, wife to Simon, mother of four, with a heart for families, women and mothers. I offer relationship therapy together with Simon for couples, a listening ear to women and mothers and I perform administrative tasks.

In daily life I take care of my family and of the women and mothers that cross our path. Listening to them is my calling and I aim to see things from their perspective.

My background is in communication, organisation and education. When teaching or organising, you can work from your own framework. However, when you listen, it is the ‘unique other’ that takes center stage. This became a very precious way of ministering to me.

It became important to me to not find my identity and destiny in the world around me or in other people. God has a unique plan for our lives, and He goes his way with me and those around me. I can find my identity and destiny in Him. His presence and love is the most precious gift imaginable. Because of Jesus the way to God is open.

Just like you, I encounter moments of joy and moments of difficulty. Moments of rest, but also times when I feel lonely or burdened. I would feel honoured to accompany you for a while on your journey.


The positive and calm attitude of Karine put me at ease. She was able to read between the lines, and held back in giving her own opinions, something I very much appreciated.